Providing quality container trucking since 1950.

At Naro Trucking, we specialize in providing our customers with quality container services. We offer Drayage available from ports of New York to points in PA, upstate New York, and north New Jersey.

We call at all terminals in that region that include the following:

  • APM Terminal
  • Global Terminal
  • New York Container Terminal
  • Maher Terminal
  • Port Newark Container Terminal
  • Red Hook Terminal

We also call on the rail terminals CSX and Croxton Rail Yards. We are also are affiliated with 30 container lines that call to these ports.

Although we do not offer HAZMAT material containers, we can move all sizes of containers available. We also have Annual Sea containerized overweight permits available if containers are in need of this.

Concerned about your container while it is en route? We equip all our units with GPS technology, so we can let you know exactly where your containers are throughout transit. Our customer service agents are available daily to help expedite the deliver or pickup of your products, or to just update you on availability or delays of your containers.